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Subject: Recommended custom search motor
Posted by:  Tom Evans (tomevans98…
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2017

A recommended custom search motor to replace Google 'Custom' search motor scam?

I've been using Google Custom Search for a few years, but I'm becoming
increasinginly unhappy with it, as Google becomes more greedy by making
it less customized and more focused on being a general search engine.

At first, it didn't have any extraneous advertising, directing my
customers only to my Intranet pages.

But increasingly, it's been producing more extraneous advertising,
which leads my customers on fruitless searches on the Internet when
they're trying to find a particular page or pages in my site.

And Google is even charging me $100 per year for this scam.

And on top of that, Google has even inserted its logo into the search
rectangle, so the Google logo appears on the front page of my Web site
-- something that really bothers me also.  Why should I pay Google for
a 'custom' search motor on my Web site that's not custom and that
imposes its corporate logo advertising onto the front page of my Web

Tom Evans