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Subject: begginer's question on SEO
Posted by:  Jivanmukta (jivanmuk…
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016

Sorry for my English.
I am not sure if I write to proper newsgroup, but I didn't find
newsgroup about SEO. I created PHP+MySQL website and I want to make
SEO, but I am a begginer in SEO. I know that I need many links to my
website to be at top in Google. I have some idea how to achieve this
but I am not sure if I will not be banned by Google.

At the top of my .php page I have such code:

<p id="to_read2" class="read_it_small">
We can provide you out service for free if you have your own website
and you will insert on it a link to our website. You should add such
<pre>&lt;a href="<?php echo WEBSITE_POLISH; ?>"&gt;here
<p id="to_read3" class="read_it_small">
The phrase should contain any keyword from the following list: <?php
echo implode(', ', $keywords); ?>.

In PHP code of my service I check if there is a link to my website
on client's website and I provide the service to the client.

Does it make sense? Is this a good idea to create links to my
website? Please help. Thanks in advance.