Sites with Google applets slow loading in China

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Subject: Sites with Google applets slow loading in China
Posted by:  Alfred Molon (alfred_mol…
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2015

Because for some reason Google sites and applications are blocked in
China, websites using Google applets (e.g. Google maps, googleapis) load
very slowly. I've noticed this because I'm currently located in Beijing.

Essentially when you open a website which uses Google applets, you have
to wait for a long time (up to a minute or two, some sites even do not
load) for the page to appear. It seems the page only appears after some
timeout is reached.

I have no idea if you can set up the browser to load the page even if
the google applets do not appear. Also, I don't understand why the page
loading is blocked by these google applets (in theory the browser could
load the page and display the google applets later).

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