Anon forum software and host?

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Subject: Anon forum software and host?
Posted by:  Anonymous Remailer (austria) (mixmast…
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013

I have decided to put up a website with controversial anti-
government,anti-business, anti-social (not racist) views, telling
what I consider to be the truth about the world with a forum
inviting others to join me. This site will be without censorship,
account "banning", etc. Members will only be banned if they engage
in hacking the site, child porn, or excessive spamming.

Can anyone point me to a forum application package that would offer
good security and a host company that would be resistant to
identification of author
and a no-censorship policy based on content? Some host resistant to
by governments? I want something that does not require users to
install special
software to use, something that an average user is capable of
accessing. It has to be low cost or free to start with until I can
possibly generate some income from it, which is not my main
purpose. Is this a dumb idea, and if so, why? Is this venture even