Customer can't access site, but can email

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Subject: Customer can't access site, but can email
Posted by:  Jason C (jwcarlt…
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012

I have a customer that has reported that he can't access any of my sites. H=
e said that he receives an error that the server can't be found. He can ema=
il me, though, with no problems.

Traffic on the site seems pretty normal, so I think that the issue is just =
on his end. The ISP he uses is a small provider so I don't see a ton of tra=
ffic from them, but I do have a little traffic from his IP range so I don't=
think that they're the problem.

I've checked my firewall for his IP address and it's not being blocked on m=
y end. I asked him to tracert my domain, and he said that his computer:

"opened a black screen with flashing cursor no info came up closed in 20 to=
30 seconds"

He's tried using Firefox, IE, and Chrome, with the same result. He's also s=
canned for viruses and spyware, and came up clean.

Any other thoughts on what I might suggest he try?