Issue with iframe that I can't duplicate

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Subject: Issue with iframe that I can't duplicate
Posted by:  Jason C (jwcarlt…
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012

I've had a few people report an issue with an iframe on my site.

The iframe is a Perl script that I wrote to let the user upload a photo. Th=
e script uploads it, resizes it, and converts it to a JPG, then displays th=
e modified photo inside of the iframe. It then uses JavaScript to resize th=
e iframe.

When the page loads, the iframe should show a simple <input type=3D"file"> =
tag. But for the occasional user, it's just blank.

It works fine for me, though, on IE 8, IE9, and the newest versions of Chro=
me and FF, and the majority of my users seem to be able to use it with no p=
roblem. So, there's obviously a variable somewhere that I'm missing, but I =
haven't been able to find it.

I've asked everyone that reported it, and so far none of the information se=
ems to overlap. I've had some users report that they were using IE9, and an=
other said they were using Firefox. Some are using Norton Antivirus, while =
others were not. Some are using the local cable for internet, others are us=
ing DSL.

Some have said that if they use one of my parked domains, then it will work=
.. This made me think that it's an issue with the domain. But then another s=
aid that the other domains don't work, but if they load the page and it's b=
lank, then they can click "back" then "forward" a few times, and it will ev=
entually show up. This makes me think that it's not an issue with the domai=
n, after all, but with the browser.

Thinking that it might be a caching issue, I added a link to the iframe for=
a timestamp (eg, iframe.cgi?z=3D20121001050714), but I've still had the is=
sue reported so this didn't appear to fix it.

Any general thoughts come to mind on this? Not being able to duplicate it i=
s VERY frustrating!

I know that it's tough to diagnose without a link, but I've used this accou=
nt to discuss security issues and I really don't want the website linked wi=
th the account name. So if you would like to see a link, please email me, a=
nd I'll reply back with a link.