I want to use a tick font but Firefox won't let me!!

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Subject: I want to use a tick font but Firefox won't let me!!
Posted by:  Mojo (please@dont.spam.com)
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012

Hi All

Forgive me if I appear thick, but this is poor to say the least if I'm
following this right.

I want to use a tick and a tick in a box on my web page and because there
might be quite a few on the page I thought it more efficient to use a font
for this rather than a gif or png.

I investigated what I needed and found exactly what I was looking for in
Wingdings 2.

P gave me a tick and R gave me the box tick in IE and Safari and all
was rosey.

Then I found that they don't come out right in FFox and I then fall into the
abyss that is unicode.

I found that my unicode numbers should be ✓ for a tick and ☑
for a box tick  Seems nice and straightforward so I sub the code I'm using
and all is good on FFox, but now I get hollow boxes on the other browsers -

How do I consistently get these chars on all sites - why is this such a pain
when the unicode format seems fine --  aaaaarrrrgggghhh

Thanks for any medication you can give.