Print Preview behavior on different servers

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Subject: Print Preview behavior on different servers
Posted by:  Ten Blade (ten.bla…
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012

I'm having an odd problem involving Print Preview and CSS. I hope someone
here can point me in the right direction to figure this out.

I have a website which I've put up at two different servers. One server
hosts the official version of the site which everyone is supposed to use;
the other server hosts a backup of the site which is only to be used when
the main site is down for whatever reason.

Some of the pages on the site are several printed pages long and I've just
noticed that when I try Print Preview on the main site, it only gives me
the first physical page of the six or seven pages making up that logical
page. Print Preview shows me all of the pages when I use it on the same
page on the backup server. In other words, the Copyright page is actually
five to seven pages long depending on font and page sizes used and the
backup server shows all of them but the main site shows only the first

The same odd behavior happens in current versions of Firefox, Google Chrome
and Opera so it doesn't appear to be a browser issue.

I'm trying to figure out what server setting would keep the CSS/Print
Preview from behaving the same on the two different servers.

The only other possibility that occurs to me is that the actual files on
the two servers are different and I'm looking into that now.

Are there any other possibilties that occur to anyone?