Incoming from China :((

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Subject: Incoming from China :((
Posted by:  Mel Smith (med_cutout_synt…
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012


    Enviro:  I run Apache 2.10 on an older Dell Win XP3 machine. (and I run
three very low traffic websites on this Dell machine)
                My CGI app (I guess you could call it a script) in all three
of my sites is a C-based executable.


    Lately I've been getting a whole series of entries in my Apache
Access.log file that are like the following: - - [19/Feb/2012:04:27:17 -0700] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 963057
"-" "\"Mozilla/5.0"

    These come flying in one after the other separated by a second or so.

    I can't track down *what* these are, and I don't understand what is
being asked for by this entry, and further what would be the point.

    btw, this morning I entered :  Deny From 1.202.  in my httpd.conf file ,
and since then my Apache server has been '403'ing these requests.

    But, would somebody help me understand what these http requests are all
about, and what does it gain for the hidden client please ?

    Also, there is a size  963057 bytes that is apparently associated with
'some' file somewhere in my system  ???

Thank you !

Mel Smith