Ads - (1) 300x250, or a 160x600 and 120x600 skyscraper?

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Subject: Ads - (1) 300x250, or a 160x600 and 120x600 skyscraper?
Posted by:  Jason C (jwcarlt…
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011

I know that this will depend on a lot of variables, but I'm hoping to hear =
from others that have made a similar choice.

My site currently has a 160x600 skyscraper on the left, and a 120x600 skysc=
raper on the right (both are images, not text). The 160x600 generates about=
$1.25 per click, while the 120x600 generates about $0.78 per click. The 16=
0x600 has more than twice the clicks as the 120x600, though, so the average=
PPC between the two is $1.09.

I'm doing some design updates, and it has been suggested that I replace the=
se banners with a single 300x250 block on the left. This would take up abou=
t the same amount of width, but would give room underneath to showcase othe=
r site features.

What do you guys think? Is a 300x250 ad more popular with advertisers? And =
if so, is it likely to generate as much revenue as the other two banners co=
mbined? There's no real way for me to test this without building it and try=
ing, but then I risk a lot of time on a rebuild that results in less money.