How To Determing Name Of Somebody's DSL Supplier?

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Subject: How To Determing Name Of Somebody's DSL Supplier?
Posted by:  (PeteCresswell) (..@y.Invalid)
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2011

I'm installing a webcam for a windsurfing shop down in
Pleasantville, NJ USA.

To do it, I need to bridge the shop's DSL modem and hang a router
on it.  To do that, I need the DSL login ID and Password so I
can set up the router's PPPoE.

The DSL modem, of course, has had it's ID/PW set to something
nobody knows - so I'll wind up doing a Factory Reset on the
modem... but I can't do that until I can determine the DSL ID/PW.

Problem is that the owner can't tell me for sure who is providing
his DSL service.

He *thinks* it's Verizon, but his actual phone service is via an
independent provider called OneTouch Communications.

He *thinks* his Verizon ID is EXTREMEWINDSURFING, but he can't
tell me the Verizon account number bc he can't find any bills
from them.  Seems like their phone number is moot to Verizon bc
the service is by that other provider.

I've tried every account/password recovery screen I can find in
Verizon, but they always want either the Verizon phone number or
the Verizon account number - and neither one of those seems tb
happening right now.

I see that the web site is hosted by GoDaddy, but that doesn't
seem tb useful.

Can anybody suggest a strategy for determining what his DSL
provider's name is?

I'm hoping there is something that can be done by somebody who is
on the DSL connection.

There will be somebody down in the shop tomorrow, so I can phone
them and ask them to do whatever will help while they're on that
DSL connection.