OT: Android

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Subject: OT: Android
Posted by:  Ex_OWM (allthespamyoulike@gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011

Turned 60 just over a week ago and my kids bought me an Asus TF101 10in
Tablet. It turned out a great choice, to be honest I had been paying no
attention to the tablet market, thinking it was all a bit gimmicky, but boy
was I wrong - I have fallen seriously in love with this gadget, taken to the
touch screen like a duck to water.After I had been using it for a couple of
days, I returned to using my kindle whilst travelling and keep touching the
screen expecting things to happen!

I have a distinct feeling that the Android OS is the biggest threat that
Windows has ever faced.The system is pretty slick and, as people get used to
it on their phones, tablets and other portable devices, I can see them
wanting the same system on their desktop.

Unless MS get their act together they are going to find their OS dominance
smashed in the next few years. YMMV of course as to whether that is a good
or a bad thing :)