IE9 and Iframes?

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Subject: IE9 and Iframes?
Posted by:  jwcarlton (jwcarlt…
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011

I am not using IE9 yet; I tried downloading it when the beta first
released, but had so many problems that it took forever to get me back
to 8.0. I typically use Chrome, anyway, so it wasn't worth the hassle.

I've had a few emails lately from site visitors that are having a
problem using an iframe on my site. One replied and said that he is
using IE9, but the others haven't replied so I don't know if this is a
common link.

The iframe is a Perl script with an "upload" form; the image uploads
and is verified by the script, then it returns a resized thumbnail
image. It also uses Javascript to resize the height of the iframe
appropriately. This script has been in place for about 4 years with no
problems, and nothing has changed on my end.

The problem being reported is that they click to upload, but their
browser never responds; the cursor just spins indefinitely.

Does this sound like something IE9 might have a problem with? I know
that I could redo it with Ajax, but I'd really rather not unless I
have to.