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Subject: Re: Site backup in the "cloud"?
Posted by:  andrew (andr…
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010

Ignoramus15569 wrote:
> I have a certain kids website that has appx. 110,000 pageviews per day
> and it has become a quite valuable source of income and pride for me and
> whatnot.
> It currently runs happily on one server, that I own.
is it provider's server or you do collocation?

>If the server
> dies, I could run it at home, but there is not enough bandwidth.

any server may die any moment, especially hard drives...

> I am thinking about backup solutions. One way to go is to buy an
> expensive server (read $3-5k), host it at the ISP (read $120+ in power
> and rack charges), etc.
> Another option is to rent a cloud server at Amazon or wherever, set it
> up and essentially mothball it, maybe wake up once a week for system
> updates, etc. If I never need it, I will pay nominal charges. If I do
> need it, I would just activate it.

does it mean you have only static pages on your site? Is there database

> Has anyone considered doing that sort of thing -- having backup in the
> cloud -- and what are your experiences?

I guess, any time 1 server dies and you you need to switch to your
backup solution - there will be some time of downtime.

it looks like you want to know how to provide uninterrupted service. am
I right?


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