Seeking E-commerce instructions

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Subject: Seeking E-commerce instructions
Posted by:  Rhino (rcho…
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010

Can anyone here kindly point me to a primer telling me how to set up e-
commerce on a website? My (potential) customer would like to know what
is involved in building a site that can do credit card sales (and
maybe Pay
Pal) of a product he is making.

Just to be clear on what I'm asking, let's say that the site is going
to display various models of widgets. If the visitor sees a widget he
likes, he's going to click on a button and be asked various things
that are needed to send the visitor the product and, of course, get
payment information, like his credit card number. A shopping cart may
or may not be involved. The details of the order and payment
information are going to need to get recorded in a database somewhere
for site owner. Transaction information is going to need to get sent
to Visa, Mastercard or PayPal and they will need to transfer the
payment to the site owner's bank account, less their cut of the
transaction. The product will need to be sent to the customer.

I have no problems with building the site that showcases the site-
owners products or designing/updating the site-owner's database
containing the information about the products, the purchases and the
customers who make them. I'm not so sure how to collect the customer's
information, get it to Visa/Mastercard/Paypal and get the money into
the site-owner's account. Can someone tell me - or point me to - the
information I need to do that part of the site? I would imagine there
are tutorials that explain how to do that and a variety of companies
supplying shopping carts and a variety of ways to interface with
credit card companies to collect money from the visitors to the site.

I'm also concerned about security. What steps do I need to take to
ensure that the customer's personal information is secure and that his
credit card info reaches the credit card company safely without anyone
"reading" his info on its way to the credit card company?

I should also mention that the (potential) customer and I are in
Canada. He would like to be able to make sales online to customers
around the world but wants to interface with the Canadian banking
system where he has his accounts.

If you can help me with any part of my needs, I'd really welcome your