web-based usenet replacement (was Re: GFR - Need advice / Help)

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Subject: web-based usenet replacement (was Re: GFR - Need advice / Help)
Posted by:  crankypuss (…@email.thanks)
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010

John Bokma <jo…@castleamber.com> wrote:

>Els <els.aNOSP…@tiscali.nl> writes:
>> John Bokma wrote:
>>> Hey, everything to get you back posting here, no? ;-)
>> Nah, have been thinking about it for a while already. Dunno if I'll
>> post all that regularly again, but it is a nice thing to be able to
>> post sentences that are longer than 140 characters sometimes... ;-)
>Told you twitter sucks ;-) IMO there is just no Usenet replacement. Even
>web based forums somehow don't come close enough.
>I am already tired of Facebook. Both Facebook and twitter feel to much
>like going outside the house yell something, and moving back
>inside. Usenet feels more like going to the village square and actually
>talk with people.

I'm glad you brought that up.  I've been feeling somewhat lonely
lately, not surprising given where I live, with no village square
nearby.  But you said, "even web based forums somehow don't come close

To begin with, I agree.  Beyond that though, it isn't clear to me why
a web-based forum couldn't be even better than usenet.  But they
aren't, they seem much worse somehow.

I've often thought of developing some kind of web-based forum thing
that would have the advantages of usenet along with a bit more.

What I find with web-based forums is that the navigation is terrible,
and the things tend to be slow.  I use an old copy of Forte Agent for
usenet, and even the user interface for it seems clumsier than it

Do you have any ideas John, about just what it is that makes web-based
forums seem so clumsy?

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