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Subject: what group, if any?
Posted by:  crankypuss (…@email.thanks)
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010

I'm posting this question here because it's semi-on-topic.

It appears that due to my bizarre way of doing things I might have
come up with something "new" (yeah, I know there's nothing really new,
in the new-new sense).

I suppose you'd call it a framework for web-applications written in
PHP, though conceptually it isn't limited to PHP, that's just what was
convenient for me to build it in.

Basically it's like object-orientation without objects, which probably
makes no sense to anyone but me.

It's a layering system that lets you define a set of interfaces, then
inherit the interfaces in subsequent layers with or without
upper-layer modification of the functionality provided by the
interface.  So basically it provides inheritance, with encapsulation
and polymorphism to an extent defined by the interface implementor.

Why didn't I just use PHP's object oriented facilities?  Because I
don't plan on using PHP forever, eventually I plan to port all my
stuff to C and the fewer PHP-specific dependencies I have the better.

How is it better than traditional object-oriented programming?  To
begin with you're not forced to fit everything into the idea of being
an object.  And then, you can dynamically select which layers to
include for a given application, dynamically load or unload layers,
all kinds of bizarre stuff.  That means for example that I can use the
same code for a basic web application, an online store, a membership
oriented site, and so forth, just by choosing which layers
(functionalities) to include.

If anyone thinks this is an interesting topic, where would it most
appropriately be discussed?  If I've just reinvented XYZ that would be
interesting to know about too.  Or if you just prefer to ignore this
post, hey, that would mean I have to "do no work" and I can get back
to implementing my web-based text editor.  It isn't ready for "prime
time" so it's just hashing around ideas at this point, I don't trust
the code to be quite solid enough to let out of the bag just yet.

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