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Subject: Usenet away from Usenet
Posted by:  John Bokma (jo…
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010

As some here know, I do have a forum up as somewhat an alternative to
usenet. It's currently "down" since I didn't get a reminder from my
hosting provider (will pay tomorrow), but I was thinking: maybe a better
alternative is to have leafnode (Usenet server) run on one of my domains
and provide people with an alternative to Usenet, one without the spam
and hopefully a bit more friendly. Also since less and less ISPs seem to
be interested to carry Usenet.

Anyway, just an idea, if you're interested into something like this, let
me know. If you want to sign up, drop me an email (contact at johnbokma
dot com). Note that if you sign up that I expect you to contribute at
least a few times a week ;-) We don't want the thing to die a week after
I have figured out how to configure leafnode.

I might be able to mirror some of the known newsgroups, but readonly,
unless I can convince Individual to peer with me (probably not going to
happen, but who knowns). Or maybe I can find another peer (more likely).

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