Advice Needed - Dynamic Images for Shopping Site

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Subject: Advice Needed - Dynamic Images for Shopping Site
Posted by:  Alex (tuchasoffentis…
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010

I am a non-pro looking for advice.

A friend wants to launch an e-commerce site for clothing where the customers
can "build" an item to order -- selecting the fabric from a few dozen
options, size and (for example) the style of collar and cuffs. All of this
is pretty straightforward, but here's the wrinkle. He wants the shopper to
see an image of the item she or he has selected, with that image changing
each time a selection is made.

For example, if the shopper is a man who wants to buy a dress shirt, he'd
select that option, and a dress shirt would show up. Then he'd select
button-down or stayed collar, and the collar style would change on the
screen. Ditto with button or linked cuffs, the type of fabric, the color, a
monogram and so on.

I'd welcome any suggestions on where to look for, or even to begin to look
for, the tools and solutions that could produce this result.

If it has to be custom-coded from scratch, what would be the best language
or platform to use?

Is this insanely costly to do? (Initially he has a limited budget, but aims
to pour his early profits back into the website to make it a better shopping

Thanks in advance for any feedback.