new Nigerian scam

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Subject: new Nigerian scam
Posted by:  TK (tknos…
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010

My wife has a tennis site which is basically a catalog for local
customers. She does not take credit cards and sells more than 95% to
local customers.  The most common internet sale is of vibration dampeners.

Two days ago she received an email (via contact form) from an individual
in Hungary wanting to buy 2 vibration dampeners ($3 + shipping) by
credit card.  My wife responded that she did not accept CC and would
take PayPal.  A couple of hours later, "I do not have a PayPal account
and if you will send me your account number..." - yikes!

Kaye sent them a PayPal bill and shock, shock, we never heard another
peep out of them.

<g>So be careful</g>

I must say I give them higher marks than the typical Nigerian scheme
with obvious mass mailings.

TK ~ aka Terry Kimpling learn/make juggle/balance equipment
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