Monetizing my Web Site

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Subject: Monetizing my Web Site
Posted by:  Traveller (1000mil…
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010

I have a succesful website with agrowing audience, So far i get about
7000 visits a month. However, the page has to be in flash, as only
flash has the graphic quailities to work the way it does. I am having
difficulty monetizing the page as I can not translate the javascript
code used by ad networks to flash text. Besides I prefer to integrate
and customize the ads into my page rather than use standard ad blocks
offered by the ad networks. I am wondering if there are ad agencies
that lets publishers place text ads into a page, I have no problem
placing the ads manually and keeping them for a while. So far I could
not find any.

And hint will be helpfull
Many thanks,