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Subject: Re: end-user font selection
Posted by:  Brian Cryer (not.he…@localhost)
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010

"crankypuss" <…@email.thanks> wrote in message
> I'm building a complex web application where I want the end user to be
> able to specify fonts to use for this and that.
> Is there a way that a server (running a PHP script) can obtain
> information about what the user's browser has available?

Like Jerry, I would have said no. However I did find this link which indicated a crafty
way of testing for a known font.

> Presumably I could unearth some information with a javascript
> client-side script, but I prefer to keep all the scripting server-side
> for now.
> Suggestions, guidance?

There are a handful of fonts which are supposedly available universally, and
you could limit their selection to those.

This page might help:

Brian Cryer



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