Q: document fragment id's

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Subject: Q: document fragment id's
Posted by:  crankypuss (…@email.thanks)
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010

Suppose you have a link like this,

<a href="example.com/test.htm#someplace">link to this section</a>

That's fine, the browser will go to ID "someplace" within the
specified document.  Now if the link looks like this,

<a href="example.com/test.php#someplace">link to this section</a>

the result will be the same except that test.php needs to generate or
retrieve the document that contains ID=someplace.

Now, how can the PHP program "test.php" ever possibly generate a link
that will cause it to return exactly to "/test.php#someplace"?

I cannot find any way for the PHP script to determine that the
fragment "someplace" was sent.  Was it in fact sent to the server, or
is it browser-private-business, or just what is going on when fragment
id's are used?

TIA any/all.

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