Another PayPal conumdrum

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Subject: Another PayPal conumdrum
Posted by:  Red E. Kilowatt (SPAMTR…
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009

I just received notice of a chargeback on a transaction dated Jan 5,
2009! Since when can people do a chargeback on a transaction that's 11
months old?

Customer claims that the transaction was not authorized. Yeah, right.
PayPal asks me for a tracking number, even though there was one already
listed for the transaction because I generate all of my postage labels
with PayPal shipping.

I check the tracking number and find out that the USPS says the number
is not valid! WTF? After a little research on other tracking numbers I
determined that USPS doesn't keep info on tracking numbers for more than
6 months.

So I can't prove the package was delivered but that's not the customer's
complaint anyway. However I'm sure that's beside the point as far as
PayPal is concerned. I'd bet money that PayPal will not fight this
chargeback because I have no proof of delivery.

Oh well.