any browsers use PHP for client-side scripting?

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Subject: any browsers use PHP for client-side scripting?
Posted by:  crankypuss (…@email.thanks)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009

I'm not really altogether nuts, it just sounds that way from the
subject line.  I recognize and accept that javascript is the most
widely available client-side scripting language and amounts to a

What I'd really like though is to find a browser that will open a .php
file by running the PHP interpreter against it.  It would be useful
for any number of non-web applications.

I know the usual approach is to install apache or iis or whatever
locally, but my client-side system is running windoze vista and it's
barely trustworthy out of the box, nevermind running iis on the thing.

It's most likely that I'll either need to write a client application
to open a .php file by calling the interpreter and then feed that to
the default browser, or spend actual money buying a mac, but dammit
I'm cheap *and* lazy.

Any ideas welcome.  (Aside from suggestions that I "seek mental help"
<g> or bite the bullet and learn javascript -- I've used java for a
fairly complex non-web application and after learning to despise it
thoroughly I've done my best to forget it.)

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