Can you recommend a replacement for MindJet's MindManager? (for mind maps & flow diagrams)

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Subject: Can you recommend a replacement for MindJet's MindManager? (for mind maps & flow diagrams)
Posted by:  ship (shiph…
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009

Can anyone recommend anything better than MindJet's MindManager Pro
for MindMaps and FlowDiagrams (and perhaps even for Gannt charts?)

Although I do QUITE like MindManager, I am getting increasingly fed up

- A) The (ever escalating) price for new releases/upgrade

- B) The interface

For example:

Although MindManager IS excellent in certain ways (e.g. the slick/
speedy way of adding new linked items - just by hitting the Insert of
Enter key and type the title - etc etc...), on the downside the
interface *forces* everything to be a heirachy.

Whereas sometimes in life things aren't just a single heirachy (!). In
fact often times, things are more like a web of complex inter-
relations... (take the Internet's "Web" for example!)

But although you CAN create independent (unlinked) items/boxes, as
soon as you move them or try to copy them, everything starts trying to
link back to the central heirachy again. Aaargh!

The interface is FAR too complicated and it basically smells of
bloatware. Too many menu items. The entire interface needs to be re-

What I need:

- I just want something that generates LINKED CELLS that STAY
CONNECTED when you move them around.

- It needs to be able to generate HEIRACHIES very easily (as and when
required). (But any such heirachies need to be able to be fully
independent of each other etc)

- But it should also let me create a FLOW DIAGRAMS easily.
Things like background colour and arrow sizes need to be able to be
fine-tuned if required.

- In an ideal world I would like to do GANTT CHARTS with it too (but
that might be asking too much of any one bit of software, I guess...)

Any thoughts?

Shiperton Henethe

P.S. I tried SmartDraw too but it seemed to have many of the same
problems: Stupidly expensive and also the interface is far too
complicated with too menu items.