Newbie looking for host in all the wrong places?

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Subject: Newbie looking for host in all the wrong places?
Posted by:  Fatfreek (mil3le3r…
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009

I'm trying to decide on a host for my probably-won't-ever-profit site.

It's overwhelming.  I've read some reviews but am still leery on the
"gotchas" that I so often run into after I buy things that I'm really not
familiar with.

Some have cheaper monthly rates but at a 3 year comittment.  I can
understand that.

Some offer free domain names.  Well what happens to that name if you decide,
after your comittment, to go elsewhere? Are you still allowed to take it
with you and maintain that domain name, by yourself at your expense to some
managing registrar? Is it best to get the domain name first, then find a

I want folks (without registering) to be able to download certain files from
my site. Is that called anonymous access? Is that some feature I'll have to
pay extra for?

Counters when certain files are accessed for download.  Is using that
feature an extra cost item?

Where can I get general answers to these questions before I sign up?