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Subject: Re: The best Web Editor
Posted by:  crankypuss (…@email.thanks)
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009

Jerry Stuckle <jstucklā€¦> wrote:

>Miguel wrote:
>> Hello:
>> According your experience, what's the best Web Editor?
>> What do you think about Dreamweaver vs. Expression Web?

I also favor notepad.  However I have found that it contains a few
bugs.  During a session of heavy editing it may lose track of where
the cursor should be, for example.  Granted it's not the very latest
notepad version.  But given what seems to be Microsoft's tendency to
fix one bug and add three feechurs that contain two bugs each, I just
hang with it.  I've thought of writing my own very simple editor, but
seem never to get around to it.  So it goes.

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