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Subject: Hosting and domains
Posted by:  MoiInAust (us…
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009

I'd like to revisit this. Almost universal advice here seems to be 'don't
get your domain through your hosting company' as you are then tied to them
and marooned if they go out of business. I was intending to go to a hosting
company that is generally rated as good, and they have already confirmed
that the domain will be registered in my name. Apparently the advice is
still 'don't do it'. But it looks as though all the domain gettng companies
(if that's the word!) do hosting too. If I insist on the domain being
registered in my name, with me as the 'techncial contact' doesn't that give
me enough prtoection?  Otherwise, are there any pure 'domain obtainers'?
And if not, what is the difference in plitting the business? TIA and sorry
if this is very fundamental; it isn't to me, yet!