Some newbie questions about website hosting and site creation

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Subject: Some newbie questions about website hosting and site creation
Posted by:  Leo Violette (nineball…
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009

I have some, what I hope to be basic, questions about web-site hosting.  I'm
wanting to write a couple fairly basic web-sites, not too sophisticated.

1.  I need to register a domain name.  Is it okay to register the domain
name with one company, but host the web-site with a different company?  I
don't care either way, I just don't want to make a stupid mistake that will
cause me head-aches later on.  Are there any advantages/limitations in using
different companies for domain registration and web-site hosting?

2.  Say I use a site like godaddy and use their site-buliding tools.  Can I
download the web-site locally and customize the site?  I'm a Windows C++
developer looking to get into some web-development stuff, so this is why I'm
asking.  I'm certain that in time, I'm going to want to add to the web-site
and they may not have a template or ready-made code for what I want to do.

3.  Let's say a web-hosting site says their server is linux.  Does this mean
I can't write a web-site that uses server-side C# scripting?  Like maybe you
developed some web-services in C#, I assume I couldn't load them and have
them work on a linux host.

4.  In addition to question #3, let's say the host isn't linux, but some
flavor of Windows Server.  Is it possible that they still won't let me load
a web-service that I may have written, or don't allow server-side scripting?

5.  One concern I have if I use a site-building tool is that I won't know
when I initially create the site everything I want in the site.  If the
site-building tools have templates and wizards for adding content to your
site I want to know if those are available at any time.  For example, I use
a wizard or template to create a basic site.  At a later time, after the
site is created, I want to add a blog to it.  What are the odds the
site-building tool will let me add their blog template to an already created
web-site.  My fear is that once the site is developed, the templates are no
longer available, you'd have to have added the blog when you initially used
the site builder to create it.

6.  Do you have recommendations on a web-site hosting company that you think
provides decent site-building tools at a reasonable price that also allows
me to add custom content/pages?

I hope I don't annoy people with these questions.  I also understand that
I'm probably not even asking the correct questions, I may not know enough to
know the right question to ask.  I just know that I'm looking for the
ability to have a web-site hosted without getting ripped off.  Have help in
getting a basic, initial site created quickly.  Have the power to do my own
development/customization to the web-site as I get more experienced.

Thank you for your time in reading/answering my questions.