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Subject: WHM hosting software
Posted by:  William Smith (zorast…@REMOVEoperamail.com)
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009


I have been reselling web space for a few years.
I only sell it to the clients I have created their
web sites. I just finished a spread sheet on their due
dates and fees...interesting...didn't realize I was making some
nice income since my base has grown.

I would like to set an additional area on my web site
to sell web hosting as long as I can. It appears most resellers use WHM

Before I spend the time on the learning curve, just curious if
anyone has an opinion on reseller software, also, I have a copy
of modern billing which I may use to collect month to month payments.

Also, do you resell web space and is it really worth the time and effort,
since I am sure I will get some cheese heads who need a step by step walk
thru on setting up their web site and want FREE (that is help me write my
code for my web site) support beyond the set up.

Thanks in Advance