Ever made money off of an ecommerce website?

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Subject: Ever made money off of an ecommerce website?
Posted by:  BG (doozydu…@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008

Hey all:

Just curious if anyone out there has created an ecommerce website for
someone else on a commission basis and actually made money off of it?
Reason I'm asking is that a friend has a music store and has been after me
for some time to implement ecommerce into a website I built for him earlier.
He said he would pay me commissions off of everything he sells online.  I've
looked at a bunch of ecommerce packages and have settled on an open source
program (ZenCart) which seems to fit this situation.  I've already pumped a
bunch of time into this and am very skeptical that there will be any real
return for the time it's cost me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining.  On
this project I'm essentially donating the time in exchange for the learning
experience.  If I ever see any commissions, it will be icing on the cake.
Any thoughts, ideas, warnings or pointers as this ecommerce newbee heads
down this path would be greatly appreciated.  Are there any best practices
to insure from the start that my commissions will always and automatically
be paid?  What about contracts - any good examples of ironclad contracts?