Using a .mobi domain for non-mobile website

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Subject: Using a .mobi domain for non-mobile website
Posted by:  Alex (samal…
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008


Is it frowned upon or against ICANN rules to create a non-mobile site
on a .mobi domain?  Dotster had a deal running where a .mobi domain
could be obtained for $9.99 per year, and I registered one in hopes of
using it for a personal website.

Though I understood .mobi was mainly meant for websites tuned for
mobile devices, I figured using such a domain for a non-mobile site
would be similar to using a .com for a non-commercial site, .net for a
non-ISP type site, .org for a non-organization site, etc... but are
there any restrictions by ICANN that would cause issues if my .mobi
domain wasn't tuned for mobile systems?

Just curious --