Copyright Clearance Center. Huh?

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Subject: Copyright Clearance Center. Huh?
Posted by:  Scott Bryce (sbry…
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008

A while ago I got some snail mail from the Copyright Clearance Center. I
tossed it out as unsolicited advertising. I have not established any
relationship with them.

So today I received a substantial check from them and a letter
suggesting that they have received funds in connection with copyrighted
materials that I own.


A quick search of the net seems to indicate that they are for real.

They are claiming that a Foreign Authorizations Service has collected
royalties for the use of my copyrighted materials. I have no idea how
they would know or care, or how my copyrighted materials might be used
by someone else.

Can someone give me an idea what might be going on? Should I cash the
check? I don't see anything that obligates me to the CCC if I cash the
check. In fact, the accompanying letter assures me that there will be no