WWW Payment Processing For Minimalist

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Subject: WWW Payment Processing For Minimalist
Posted by:  Le Chaud Lapin (jaibuduv…@gmail.com)
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008

Hi All,

Hopefully before long we will receive our first payment from an online
customer (yay!)

I need to choose a strategy/product, etc. for online processing.

Being a minimalist, I prefer the shortest path to a certain point,
even if there are a few scorpions along the path (custom C++ coding
for example). What I certainly want to avoid is a solution that
involves uncountable number of middlemen that results in unnecessary
errors in the payment process.

We can code against API's as necessary, preferrably C/C++, but would
consider .NET if that is what is currently recommended.


-Le Chaud Lapin-