Spreadsheet Publishing Question

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Subject: Spreadsheet Publishing Question
Posted by:  MVR (mraket…@gmail.com)
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008

Hi all,

This is a bit of a newb question, any help somone can offer will be

What are my options are when it comes to publishing spreadsheet data
onto a web page; specifically in terms of extracting spreadsheet data
to feed into a variety of fields on a website?

The spreadsheet data I have housed in Google docs at the moment. I
know how to publish via Google docs, though I would like to be able to
manipulate the data to a greater extent. The publishing ability in
google docs is limited to simply publishing a copy of the actual
spreadsheet--whereas I simply want to use it as a database of sorts to
feed into my website.

Can this be done with simple HTML? are there any tools that would help
with this? And is creating a spreadsheet as I've done the best way to
approach my end goals of having a realtime feed of data into my site?
(N.B., I basically just want to easily update the content in the
spreadsheet, and have the publication end of things automated).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!