anybody understands's ftp and web space?

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Subject: anybody understands's ftp and web space?
Posted by:  peter (
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008

I have a basic linux hosting on 1and1. I'm confused about the relationship
between web space and ftp space.

There seems to be two different ftp/web spaces: (an alias created by 1and1) (the domain I registered)

Only one of the above is mapped to the It is affected
by the settings of the websitebuilder.

If someone could explain the whole picture of how these spaces are connected
and related to each other, that would be great.

I know, 1and1 has a tech support number. They are good at making things work
(e.g. they'd tell me to click on this, ftp to this address), but they don't
explain the why.