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Subject: phpBB & Jabber
Posted by:  freemont (
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008

I'll ask here first because I know some of you have used or are using
phpBB. I can't find any answers on the Web.

The current version of phpBB has Jabber integration. I've never used
Jabber. I understand it's an IM protocol. So out of curiosity I set it up
in a phpBB installation, and phpBB said it was configured successfully,

So I go to the site and there's no difference. What did I expect? I guess
I expected to see maybe a Jabber button, which when clicked would produce
a small window that looked strangely like a Gaim window, or something.

Instead I see nothing at all. I tried sending a PM to myself, but that
works just like before.

So has anyone used this before? What am I missing?

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