Legitimate Webhost Reviews??

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Subject: Legitimate Webhost Reviews??
Posted by:  Peteb (pete.bartus…@gmail.com)
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008

Are there any sites out there with legitimate web hosting reviews?

I'm finding a lot of sites with their 'favorites' in their own top
listing formats...and a lot of the hosting providers with big pockets
filling up a lot of space, but not much in the way of actual
performance numbers or overall customer satisfaction reviews, etc.

I'm looking for a low cost hosting solution but would like some more
'performance' metrics for the hosting machine instead of relying on
some sort of chat system or 2 day turnaround ticketing system whenever
I notice things like performance problems, etc.  I find a lot of times
the hosting providers hide behind these 'systems' and you can't get
anyone who knows what they're talking about on the phone, or get your
hands into some true metrics of the server performance other than
stuff you can do remotely (ping, response times, etc.).