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Subject: DNS question
Posted by:  Tante Lina (rep…@togroup.plz)
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008

Hi all,
It's been a while, though I have lurked from time to time, and am glad to
see so many familiar names from years past.

You'd think by now I'd have a clue about zone records, but no matter how
many times I read up on it, I don't really get it.  Now I have a relatively
major problem and I need help.

I was hired to revamp myclientswebsite.org.  In my reseller account I
created a separate account, where I built / tested the site.  I used
myclient.myreselleraccount.com as the "domain" for that account.

Just as I'm ready to move the site and go live, I found out from my client's
former that the host account is managed by his brother, who has just left
town to travel where he will have very little internet access.  His brother
has the registrar login info and due to "security concerns" won't give that
info to me.  I also find out that the host account software hasn't been
updated in two years, and I can't install the site without at least MySQL

I'm thinking that for now, we'll leave the site where it was developed for a
couple of months, until the brother is in a position to upgrade the original
host account.  I reach the brother by phone, staying with friends in Sand
Point Idaho, and ask him to change the nameservers to point to the resold
account space.  Then I head to my WHM to change the zone records.  But I
don't feel confident in changing them.  I call my host for advice and they
tell me to create an entirely new account using the client's domain so that
records will be created automatically.  They won't tell me how to edit this
zone or edit it for me.

Is it really impossible to point the client's domain to the existing
account?  Can't I just substitute the re-pointed domain name in the records
where the previous name was?

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