Need a webmaster database.

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Subject: Need a webmaster database.
Posted by:  BG (doozydu…
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008

I need a webmasters database where I can put all the possible details about
my accounts such as hosting login/password, ftp login/password, registrar
name, location login/password.  You know, just basically all the crap we
have to try to keep track of in one nice convenient place.  Somebody has to
have developed a database app specifically for webmasters.
Then again, maybe there's a better way - what do y'all do?

As for me, I have rolodexes, filing cabinets, Microsoft Outlook Contacts and
of course Dreamweaver notes.  I'm scattered all over the place and
constantly can't find a login or password for something or somebody.  I do
really well with comm and art skills, but my organizational skills suck.