Semi-OT: Webcam owners

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Subject: Semi-OT: Webcam owners
Posted by:  Mark Goodge (usen…
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008

Apologies for the somewhat off-topic post, but I thought this would be
as good a place as any to ask a favour from the type of people who are
likely to be able to offer it.

In an idle moment the other day, I was browsing round a few webcam
sites looking at various webcams from around the world (the type that
show public places in cities or the open country, that sort of thing -
not other, er, webcam sites ;-)), and it occurred to me that I'd quite
like to have an archive of a webcam image that shows, say, a single
image from every day for a whole year so that you can see the
progression of the seasons. I did find a few webcams that have an
archive, but none that do precisely what I wanted so I decided it was
time to roll my own. However, to do that, I need to grab a copy of a
webcam image on a regular basis and build my own archive, and that, of
course, is a breach of copyright if done without permission.

So what I'm asking for is permission from anyone who has a static
webcam (by static, I mean the location and camera shot remain constant
so that sequential days provide comparable images) that I could grab a
frame from on a daily basis. Eventually, if/when I've got enough, I'll
probably put the archives on a website of my own, so it will involve
republishing, not just a personal copy. But I will, of course, credit
all the sites I grab images from with a link back to the original
site, so you'll get a tiny little piece of page rank from me in return
for your generosity :-)

So, if you're willing to let me archive your webcam image, please let
me know. All I need is the URL of the site or page containing the
image, I can arrange the rest myself (although knowing your timezone
offset from UTC would be helpful as I want to get all the images at
approximately midday local time).



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