Domain name transfer question

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Subject: Domain name transfer question
Posted by:  Morgan (morgan946…
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008

My current web host is Dot5hosting and they have been some lame
recently that I got fed up and decided to transfer to another host
even though I was apid up until August.

The problem is that D5H is having so much technical problems, there is
no one on their staff to answer questions or provide help.  I'm on the
older version of vDeck (they are trying to migrate everyone to the
newer one) and there are no tools to make the change.  Or if there
are, they are broken.

When I do a whois on myself, it's clear that D5H used Tucow, but I
have no account with them.  My preferred new host (Bluehost) pushed it
back on me when I asked for help.

Any words of wisdom out there?  How do I get out of this spiral of non-