Anybody here use IPower?

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Subject: Anybody here use IPower?
Posted by:  TimeTraveller (GastropodGraphi…
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008

They've just "upgraded" to a new platform and its a piece of garbage.

Maybe it's because today's my first day on the new platform and they
haven't given me back all my functionality yet, but I:

1. Can't create new documents in specific folders, from the File
Manager, as I used to be able to do.

2. I can upload documents - but they only go to the "top" section, not
into the Public-HTML section, and from thence into the appropriate
folder, where I want them to be.  Trying to move them from the one
section to the other is a pain in the butt - I have yet to succeed at

It has taken IPower at least 3 months to move all its customers from
the old platform - which was at least tolerable  - to this one, and I
can't believe they haven't been inundated with complaints about this

Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

And can someone name a webhost that has an easy to use interface, and
an English speaking help desk?