Looking for a good FTP program

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Subject: Looking for a good FTP program
Posted by:  zorro (myaha…@yahoo.ca)
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008

Hello there,

I've tried several FTP programs but they're always missing some
features that make life simpler. I'm hoping someone knows a program
which allows me to do the 2 following things:

1) Select several files on the server, choose edit, and all the
selected files will be opened in my text editor (SciTE) and, very
important, in the same text editor window. I had an FTP program which
opened several files at once, but for each file it opened a new
instance of my text editor. My text editor allows opening multiple
files in one window, each file having it's own tab.

2) When i save (ctrl+s) in my editor, I want the changes applied to
the file on the server without having to click anything else. I don't
want some alert box blocking my access to the server files until I
confirm the changes.

Thanks a lot in advance!!