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Subject: Starting Web design
Posted by:  Scott (altglyphi…
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008

Hi, and happy VD day...

Okay, I am really, really new to web design.
I do know the basics, like how to make a header, insert pictures and add
links, yatta, yatta.
So the boss bought some software called Webeasy... This is not going to be
our solution.

Can anyone give me some advice on choosing a software or software's that
would help me re-create our generic webpage?
We really do not need to accommodate the entire world. I'm just looking to
make it for one customer.

What I need the web site to do is:

- basic home page
-- login in w/ password (possible register / I'm not sure how that works...
--- products page (200 items)
---- order page

After they choose what they want on the order page, I have it sent to my
email. using formmail.

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