Beware of 1and1's auto renew feature!!

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Subject: Beware of 1and1's auto renew feature!!
Posted by:  Simon Nime (nospam@nospam.nospam)
Date: 13 Feb 2008

1 and 1 pissed me off because I found out they submitted me to a
collection agency so now I am forced to pay the agency's fee and the
renewal fee.

I wasn't aware of the default auto renew feature. I am one of the people
who doesn't read pages of terms and conditions.

So if they are unable to autocharge your credit card and you do not pay or
cancel within 30 days, they will happily give your account to a collection
agency. I mean they do this on day 31.

I did receive the invoice but no where in it they mentioned that if they
don't get paid, they do the collection thing. Plus I haven't heard from the
collection agency and no warnings that my account is overdue.

This whole thing is annoying because a lousy unpaid $6.99 can potentially
put a red mark on your credit report/history.

I subscribed to many auto renewal services which I let lapse but no one
"forced" me to pay them or else I go to a collection agency. I am OK with
auto renewal practices but to endanger my credit score with no hesitation
is not good practice.

I hate this practice from them so much that I will pay all the fees and
to another registrar even though I am paying 1&1 for a year from now. I
will not do business with them anymore.

Their FAQ page doesn't mention this practice. The rep on the phone
suggested to send a suggestion to their suggestion email. That email
address is not on their home page, FAQ or contact page. Screw them.

This is my personal opinion and I don't believe GoDaddy does this thing.

Simon Nime