Recommend a good, cheap online marketing tool?

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Subject: Recommend a good, cheap online marketing tool?
Posted by:  ship (shiph…
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008


Anyone recommend a cheap but good online email marketing tool?

We have a database of about 60K valid email addresses and we send
between 100K to 200K marketing emails to them each month.

We have been using an outfit in the UK called Communicator, however:
a) they cost GBP 1000 +VAT per month
b) repeatedly they have been unable to get through to almost all of
that have yahoo and/or BT domains - i.e. 5 to 10% of our database !

The other alternative is for us to do it ourselves using
msOffice2000** for free.
(i.e. msAccess & msOutlook). However we are just a small company and
are extremely concerned about winding up on spam-lists if we send out
many email to our own customers and do so too quickly.

For example we can currently trickle out about 20,000 emails in a day
to our
own customers, but that could get us into trouble with the larger

We are now wondering if there exists any really good online tools that
do all the white-listing activity for you, but which are a fraction of
the price
of the likes of Communicator & other agencies which seem to charge
about GBP5.00 per 1000 emails.

- Any thoughts?

With thanks


**P.S. [The rest of the our office use msOffice2003
however it seems that Micro$oft have deliberately  made it impossible
use Office2003 to do bulk emailings for 'security reasons'.]