Question about Outlook Express and webmail

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Subject: Question about Outlook Express and webmail
Posted by:  TimeTraveller (GastropodGraphi…
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008

Sorry if this isn't the right forum to be asking this question...but
you're all experts here!

I've got two computers, a PC and a laptop.

My webhost is IPower.

Until a couple of days ago, I could read my webmail from my IPower
domain, either on this PC from Outlook Express, or on my laptop, at my
IPower vdeck.

I decided to try to set up Outlook Express on my Laptop, and chose it
in my preferences. Then I ran some kind of program at Vdeck, to "set
up" outlook express, and all it does is give me a dialog box saying
that something's added to my "registry." That's all it does.

So now, I can send email from my Outlook Express account, but I get no
email. Neither from Outlook Express, or when I go into the webmail at

Well...this is the funny thing, I do get emails...but they're spam!
First thing in the morning, I check Outlook Express, hoping to see a
change, and I get one or two emails from a spamming company - each one
hawking penis enhancements! - and nothing else for the rest of the

So my question is, how can this particular spammer be getting through,
but nothing and no one else does?

I've tried setting my email to forward emails to a different account -
that doesn't work. I've tried setting up an automatic responder
telling people who email me that they need to use a different email -
that doesn't work.

I'm hesitant to try talking to IPower who seem to have outsourced
their helpdesk overseas, so thought Id try here first.