OE- coding - opportunity to become zillionaire

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Subject: OE- coding - opportunity to become zillionaire
Posted by:  Homeworker (noval…@fakeukadd.com)
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008

This is WORTH  posting ............and getting the word out !
Its a disscusion about adding sounds to particular folders
in outlook express , as emails arrive .

"I think you must be the ONLY person in the universe who wants this,
otherwise it would have been done.....remember, email started out, and is in
the main, a BUSINESS tool....."

I would find it useful ......... my email is open for 9/10 hours a day ..due
to spam landing in the deleted items box my OE is constantly doing its
little "beep" and you feel encouraged to go over and have a look in case
its an important email ...90% of the time its spam

So if nothing else turning off the beep for the "bin" would be handy but
surely slighlty different sounds for folders or different email contatcs
would be
very useful in many situations where the user does not want to be
TIED to a desk but aware of a particular email arriving by a particular
sound ... sounds like VERY useful buisness tool to me

Also imagine an office with 10 people in it , everyone has a different sound
allocated to the bosses email ..... and he does a mass email to everyone
in the office !!!! hhahha I can see the hilarity now ..and production and
general office happiness would improve :-)

So ll in all it looks like a great buisness tool to me , and possibly
one people would even pay for !


Hopefully some african 15 year using a shared internet connection
in his local library will read this , go away and write an extension , an
add on , a adjustmnent ....either sell it put it out there and check his
3 months later as the library connection was out of order ..only to fnd
its been dowload 65 million times an he has a zillion squid from donations
as people will find it soooo useful , buisness or otherwise.
He will live on those funds for the rest of his life an his entire village
will be fed clothed and warm for the rest of their lives too , just because
he spent a couple of days writing an extension for the most popular email
client on the earth


In case you missed it theres TWO reasons why such
a peice of software would become MEGA popular

1) anything that takesthe piss out the boss will quickly
become mega cool , therefore downloadedable ! UBERCOOL

2) it will improve efficiancy stopping pople from haveing
to be tied to desk for email